Advertising and Affiliation

by George

Who we are

Our website address is

Our email address is [email protected].

About advertising and affiliation on Seeking Sights

As an Amazon Associate, Seeking Sights earn from qualifying purchases.

We don’t put advertising on this blog, though we do intend to carry personal reviews and recommendations of products and services which we have purchased/experienced.

When we believe that a product is worth purchasing, we may place affiliate links which provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon and other affiliated sites. You won’t have to pay any more for your purchases, but you will be helping us out a lot.

When you make a purchase through an affiliate, your privacy is maintained. We do not see any details of your purchase or receive any notification that you have clicked through to the affiliate. Only high-level summary click counts and conversion information from all affiliate links are provided to us.

About our reviews

Seeking Sights is not affiliated with any manufacturers or service providers other than those affiliates listed above.

We are on a personal family journey that we decided to undertake together; the Seeking Sights blog is a way to document our travels and hopefully inform/entertain anyone who chooses to read it.

As a journey, everything we have has been purchased by us and will continue to be. Our reviews are provided independently and are our opinion only.

If at some point a company wishes us to review a product/service, or provides us with a product/service which we then write about, we will ensure that an appropriate disclosure is placed on the page.

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