The idea of traveling

by Olivia

I like the idea of going traveling and I feel mostly excited as I really enjoy camping but a little sad that I will be leaving my friends and family for a little while, but know we will be coming back to see everyone from time to time.

Selling the house has been a bad experience because I have to keep everything tidy and its taking too long!

Space inside Wildcat

I wanted to buy a fifth-wheel called the avenger, as I love the name, but mum and dad did not like it so we did not buy it. We are instead buying a fifth-wheel called a wildcat which will be our new home and I will be having a special sofa bed made for me which I am very excited about.  The wildcat is huge! There will be loads of room for me to play inside but I am looking forward to all the space I will have to play outside.

We are also going to buy a Ford Ranger or a Nissan Navara pick-up truck to tow our fifth-wheel.  The pick-up trucks are cool because you sit high up in them and they have a great big open back to climb in.

I am excited that we can go to places that we could not go when living at home!

I have been helping to pick some of the places we will be visiting which has been fun and exciting.  I saw a documentary on the TV about the real t-rex and saw an almost complete t-rex skeleton in a museum in Berlin. I asked mummy if we could go and see it as I have never seen a t-rex skeleton before and mummy ask me to find out where it was and if it was in Europe we could go. Turns out Berlin is in Germany so we can go and visit, yay!

After doing my stone-age project and seeing a guide book from Lascaux Caves in France that we went to when I was just a baby I have asked if we can go back as I would love to see the amazing cave paintings.

I am also very excited to go and see:

  • Pont du Gard which is an ancient Roman bridge and aqueduct in France
  • Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures in France
  • Vulcania; an amusement park that teaches us about volcanoes and even has a hot air balloon you can go in which is in France
  • Storsaeterfossen waterfall, the trail amazingly goes behind the waterfall this is in Norway
  • I am also really hoping we get to see the northern lights

I am excited at the idea of maybe being able to ski in proper snow and try and make an igloo!!

I think the idea of travelling and seeing so many places and meeting new people is exciting. I can’t wait to leave!

I am excited that we can go to places that we could not go when living at home!

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