RV Life – Campsite to Campsite

by Olivia

We are on the road in a RV instead of a fifth wheel like we thought but I am loving it and this way get to sometimes travel in the RV with Daddy and I get my own bunk bed.

My Bed

I sleep on the top bunk which was very plain and boring but mummy and daddy have let me turn it into a avengers base by replacing brown curtains with avengers curtains that mummy adjusted for me and putting avengers wall stickers on the walls. We also added a DC picture frame with a picture of me and my cousin. I find my bed lovely and comfortable, but wish I had a ladder so I could climb up and down without being lifted.

The Playcubby under the Bed

I have an awesome playcubby under my bed as we have turned the bottom bunk into a play space and a home for pepper. The play space has a awesome lego desk with draws of lego underneath it. I also have a shelf on top of Peppers new bed for storing Magformers and built Lego. The space I sit in has a green spongy yoga mat to make it comfortable and when I am not sat there playing all my other boxes of toys are stored in there. It is brilliant but I wish mum could fit in with me! Opposite I have a great book shelf.

The RV fun

The RV itself is amazing, it has a awesome sofa where Pepper lays on my lap, an amazing chair that spins and is comfortable to sit in when I play Xbox, the drivers seat is filled to the brim with mechanical stuff and controls, a super kitchen area and a roomet for mum and dad. There is so much space that I can even do yoga, exercise and dance. The RV has two TV’s and a lovely table area where we eat, play games and sit and do my learning.

Freedom to Play

The freedom I get is cool! it includes playing xbox, playing with lego, playing with Magformers and playing with made Lego. I love it all so much I forgot I had Lottie dolls too! And I have my tuff tray and Schleich animals which fits in the RV or I can play with outside. I also get the freedom to go and explore the campsites on my own, make lots of new friends, play in parks and ride my bike.


We move from campsite to campsite, we have been to 5 campsites now, I love the second campsite because it had a good play area and a nice shower, I am always excited to go to our new campsites. It can be a little sad having to leave new friends but something I am getting used to.

Exploring and Days out

We have had some great days out and about exploring, we have been to different country parks, Coal Mining Museum, Black Country Museum, Westgate Towers, Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury City Wall. I love that daddy gets to spend more time with us. One of my favourite place was Westgate towers because it had cool rooms, told you everything about their weapons and how people were in-prisoned. I also loved making a den at Channock Chase Country park and going down in a real coal mine.

The Amazing Travels

We all feel at home here, there are small moments we talk about any issues, so we are getting along fine. I am loving it and having so much fun, although I miss the bath, it is all I can tell you for now, bye!

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Emma & Alex 27th February 2019 - 5:12 pm

Well done, Olivia! Sounds like you are loving your new home and exciting adventures. We look forward to hearing more!

Olivia 1st March 2019 - 6:56 pm

Thank you X


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