by Karen

Its finally happened, the house is sold and we are officially homeless! 

House Sale

So after five months of waiting, on Wednesday 17th October we were told that our buyers would like to complete on 22nd October, yes just four days time! After waiting for so long we felt we did not want to say no, so agreed. Finally, on Friday 19th we exchanged, so over the weekend with the help of our friend’s van, my brother and nephew we moved everything we had left, out of the house.  Our stuff was going to three different locations, storage, scrap or George’s parents.

The Move

Even though a lot of our stuff had already been sold, given to charity or taken to storage there was loads left to do. We spent all day Saturday and Sunday moving stuff and until 1 am Monday morning cleaning the house.

Storage is full

Our storage locker is jam-packed, technically we did not get everything in, as we would have liked to have stored the sofa, but there was no space for it, but we got everything else in there.

We made a few errors, we thought the box for our TV was in the loft, turns out it wasn’t, so midnight Saturday we ordered feet from Amazon to arrive Sunday afternoon. They arrived at 7 pm Sunday, we took the TV off the wall ready to fit the feet to transport it to George’s parents only to realise all our tool were in storage, thankfully a neighbour lent us the tools needed and at 9 pm we dropped it off.

Then started the cleaning of the entire house, which took until midnight.  If I ever own a house again and decide to sell it, I will be hiring professional cleaners.

Olivia’s air bed on our last night at our house

We stayed at the empty house on airbeds Sunday night which was a little strange but as I was so tired I fell straight to sleep. Then in the morning we took down the curtains, packed our suitcases and last few bits into our cars, said goodbye to the neighbours and left. 

I am not sure if it was because we know we are going to be going on an adventure, because it had not sunk in or if its because we knew it was never going to be our forever house, but we were not sad to be leaving. Even Olivia didn’t seem to be bothered about leaving the only home she had ever known.

Hotel Disaster

For various reasons, we needed to stay in a hotel for a week before moving into George’s parents. We had booked the Days Inn hotel from Mon-Thur, so when we turned up at 8 pm on Monday night to be told they did not have our booking and had no rooms we were rather shocked and annoyed! The receptionist didn’t even apologise, with Olivia in tears and me in a foul mood we left the hotel, spent the next half hour ringing around hotels to find a room that would take the three of us and the dog!

Hotel Success

Thankfully the Mercure, Great Danes in Maidstone had room for the week, they even arranged for us to have two bookings of two nights each so they could give us the deal of two nights of £40 off an evening meal. So we moved in and at 9pm finally sat down for some food in their restaurant. The service was great, the food was lovely, so good in-fact we ate there every night. The room was lovely with a nice desk for George to work at in the day and lovely grounds to walk Pepper. Highly recommend a stay here. 

Staying with Parents

We have now moved into Georges parents. Its very nice of them to allow us to stay, we have our own rooms and a lovely garden to play in but it is strange to be living with parents again and can be hard to feel comfortable and relax. 

We just cannot wait to find a van and start the next chapter of our lives.

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