The Butterfly BeeLady and The Bee by first time author, Ig Oliver, is a lovely story about family, friends, love and making sacrifices to protect others.  It is a gripping tale of fantasy, magic, adventure with mild peril which keeps all engaged from start to finish.  Very cleverly containing a fun message which will help children understand our planets ecosystem and the creatures within it, covering where some animals live and life cycles.

I read this book with my 6-year-old daughter.  We both loved it from start to finish, my daughter was so engrossed that she found it a little emotional in places. It encouraged lots of discussion about life cycles of insects as well as having a growth mind-set and being a good person.

My only complaint with this book is I found the text a little small, especially considering the large size of the book, which my daughter struggled to hold comfortably.

I loved the beautiful, detailed, bright illustrations, which really guided you through the story, making the main characters and their surroundings come to life.

I loved Bramley, he is such a strong determined character, with the courage to do what is right to help friends, and never giving up even when it seems impossible. He becomes who he needs to be to protect others and takes on the role of father with no hesitation.

My daughter love the character Bee, as she was kind, caring, strong and a good sibling who stayed calm. 

This is a great book from both a story and educational perspective and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.