Pet Passport for Pepper and Travelling with a Pet

by Karen

We have finally got around to sorting out Peppers pet passport and yes, we are cutting it very fine with Brexit!

Application Process and Vaccination

The process is actually very easy. I rang up my vets, Wigmore Veterinary Centre, explaining we required a pet passport and booked an appointment.

On arrival, Pepper was weighed and we were called into the treatment room. The vet double checked our plans, asking what countries we were planning on taking Pepper to. She also explained Pepper would have to stay in the UK for 21 days from the date of her rabies vaccination. They then asked me to sign a disclaimer to confirm that it is my responsibility to ensure I have all the necessary documentation up to date, completed and signed correctly. The vet then gave Pepper a full check over to make sure she was healthy, check her microchip was still working and that all our details were correct. Finally, they administered the vaccination.

The total price was £143.59. It takes 24 hours for the pet passport to be processed and ready for collection. We will be collecting Peppers passport on the 14th March when we go back for her annual vaccinations. I thought we would be able to get it all done in one go, but you need 2 weeks between the rabies vaccination and any other vaccination. I will post a photo of the passport when we collect it.

Other Considerations When Travelling With A Dog

As mentioned previously, some countries require your dog to be wormed no less than 48 hours and no more than 5 days before you travel. This worming must take place at a veterinary centre and you must have proof that the medication has been administered. So please ensure you do some research on the location and opening times of veterinary centres near the relevant borders. Returning to the UK you will need to visit an Official Veterinary Surgery and get your pet passport certificated to show that your pet has had treatment with appropriate drugs for tapeworms. This must be done 24-120 hours before returning to the UK.

You should also consider protecting your pet against other overseas diseases transmitted by ticks, mosquitoes and sandflies.

Please also do some research on the area you are travelling to, ensuring you are aware of the local regulations and requirements for travelling with a pet. Some countries require certain dog breeds to be muzzled, kept on short leads or may even be banned, as we’ve written about before.

Brexit – Will Our Pet Passport Be Valid?

Update 2022: Now we’re past Brexit, we’ve got updated guidance on entering the EU with your dog here.

The vet brought up the issue of Brexit and how it would affect our travels. We don’t yet know how Britain will exit the EU, but we can leave the UK with Pepper until 29th March using a pet passport.

As far as we are aware, no matter how Brexit plays out we will be able to return using the pet passport. If a no deal Brexit occurs, we will need Pepper to have a blood test to ensure the rabies vaccination was effective. The blood test can only be taken 30 days after the vaccination, and even then, we have a three-month wait before we can visit the EU.

We confirmed with our vet that if we are already in Europe and a no deal happens, then we can get the blood test performed at a veterinary centre in Europe. We have done as much research as we can on this, but please look at the guidance on government website site regarding Pet Travel to Europe after Brexit for yourself.

Travel Plans

We’re hoping to leave the UK after the 22nd March once Peppers vaccination has taken effect, but before Brexit takes place on 29th March. If we go past that date and there’s no deal, then we’d have to leave Pepper at home, and we don’t want to do that. As I said we will be cutting it fine but hopefully it will all work out.

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