Staffies in France and Italy, and Our Dog Travel Must Haves

by Karen

We have a three and a half-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, called Pepper. She travels with us in our RV full time in Europe. We have only been on the road since January. We’ve only been to France and Italy so far but have learnt a lot about travelling with a dog. In our case a “Dangerous Dog”!

Dangerous Dogs in Europe

When we started planning our adventures we did not realise that Peppers breed meant we would be restricted on where we travel. Once we found out that in some countries Pepper was classed as a dangerous dog, we started doing lots of research. We put all of the information we found in a post called Travelling with a dangerous dog in Europe.

Update 2022: We’ve also added details about travelling with your dog after Brexit here.

Staffies in France

One of the most common questions is: are Staffordshire Bull Terriers allowed in France? And the answer is complicated.

Staffordshire terriers and American Staffordshire terriers are classed as dangerous dogs in France and listed under category 2. But if they have pedigree papers they can enter France. For further information.

English Staffordshire Bull Terriers are allowed in and are not classed as a dangerous dog. Although this is the case, you must carry paperwork stating so in case you are stopped. Also, some campsites state category 2 dogs are not permitted and therefore you may be required to prove your dog is exempt.

Staffies in Italy

As far as we can tell all breeds of dogs including Staffordshire Bull Terriers are allowed since 2009 except a few in Venice (Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher). You are however encouraged to use a leash and muzzle in public places. For further information click here or here.

We had no problems with Pepper in Italy. Again they are a very dog-friendly country. You do however have to be aware that some towns have street dogs that roam free.

Our Experiences with Pepper while Out and About

Most places we have visited loved Pepper. France and Italy are really dog-friendly countries and the majority of people we met were happy to see Pepper. There were some cases where people kept clear – mostly when she was wearing her muzzle!

Most cities and towns welcome dogs, they are even allowed in shopping centres. However, they’re not allowed in most museums, monuments or supermarkets.

Despite the dog-friendly nature, we were cautious. We always carried her pet passport and pedigree papers so that in the event of being stopped we could prove she is an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We also always carried a muzzle just in case a member of the public got concerned (it also stops her eating grass).

Away from the crowds

We found that Pepper was able to join us at many of the places we visited. Pepper was able to come on many of the walks that we did, including up Mount Vesuvius in Italy, Gorge de Heric in France and up the Puy-du-Dome.

She was also welcome at other outdoor tourist attractions. Most boat rentals have been happy to take pets (though some charge an extra fee), and while she’s not sure about it, Pepper has officially gotten her sea legs!

Pet Passport

Pet Passport Sample

Update 2022: Some of these entry requirements have changed after Brexit, see our newer post about Animal Health Certificates and entry requirements after Brexit here.

When travelling with any pet make sure you visit you vets to arrange a pet passport with plenty of time to spare. Your dog will require a rabies vaccination which needs to be done 21 days before travelling. Some countries require a rabies blood test to confirm the rabies jab has taken effect. This needs to be done three months before travelling.

For more information on obtaining a pet passport please read Pet Passport for Pepper and Travelling between the UK and Europe with a dog.

Must haves for us when Travelling with a Dog

Below are just some of the items we would not be without. These items are all useful at home but have been picked so they can be used when travelling. All these items are easy to clean and lightweight.

Lightweight Fabric Pet Carrier Crate with Fleece Mat.

Great for inside and outside use. Gives dogs their own space. Easy to clean/wipe down. Very lightweight at 3.5kg.

Road Refresher Prestige Non-Spill Pet Water Bowl

This is a great non-spill water bowl. Easy to clean. Does not move or spill when driving. Perfect for motorhomes/RVs.

EzyDog Zero Shock Dog Lead 

EzyDog Zero Shock lead is a wonderful lead that clips around your waist. Perfect for hiking, leaving your hands free.

EzyDog Dog Harness and Seatbelt Attachment

Great harness, easy to clean. Comes with a great easy to use Seatbelt attachment.

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

A fantastic microfibre doormat. Extremely absorbent. Great for wet feet and dogs. Reduces muddy footprints inside.

Dicky Bag Dog Waste Bag

Fantastic washable bag with air freshener. Pouch for empty bags and section for full bags. No more carrying poop in your hands until you find a bin. Great for long walks.

Tick tweezers

Ticks can be found in most countries in Europe. It’s recommended that you only use dedicated tools to remove ticks. These are small and easy yo use.

Basket Ultra Adjustable Padded Dog Safety Muzzle Plastic Rubber 

Lightweight soft muzzle, easy to use and small enough to carry in a bag.

KONG – Extreme Dog Toy

Tough Natural Rubber chew toy. Space for stuffing treats. One of the few that last well with our strong chewer.

Kong Goodie Dog Bone

Tough Natural rubber bone. Space at each end for stuffing treats.

KONG Easy Treat Paste

Perfect tasty treat to spray into the Kong toys. Keeps dogs happy and busy.

KONG Wubba Dog Toy

Great toss or tug of war toy. The family will enjoy playing with this as much as the dog. Tough material.

Chuckit Ultra Ball

Durable High Bounce Rubber, easily visible, Launcher Compatible, don’t pop like tennis balls.

Chuckit! Kick Fetch Dog Toy

Durable, easy to pick up, float in water, random bounce, easily visible and great for owner and pet.


You can take your Staffie to Europe. Just make sure you have done your research and you are prepared with the necessary paperwork. Some countries have more restrictions than others.

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